Universities: History, Purpose, Politics

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FreedomProject Media is proud to present this four-part lecture series by Dr. Duke Pesta entitled, Universities: History, Purpose, and Politics. 

This series dives deep into the roots of higher education, covering the rise of universities in medieval Europe, to early American colleges, the modern university, and finally examines how to survive college while keeping God, Country and Self-intact. 

Part I: Rise of Universities in Medieval Europe

  • Who created them anyway?  What was taught?  Who attended?  What was their primary purpose?
  • Runtime: 52 minutes

Part II:  Early History of American College and Universities

  • How did they differ from their European counterparts?   How did they shape the Republic?   How did they relate to Church and State? 
  • Runtime: 48 minutes

Part III:  The Modern University

  • How did we arrive at today’s bloated, expensive, politicized, and intolerant educational institutions?   Where did University culture
    go off the tracks?  Who radicalized it? 
  • Runtime: 47 minutes

Part IV:  Surviving Today’s University

  • Tips on how students can survive college with faith in God, Country, and Self-intact. 
  • Runtime: 51 minutes